The Wisdom of Asia

Eveils couverture anglaise

Année : 2007

Langue : Anglais

The Wisdom of Asia – 365 Days : Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, London, Thames & Hudson, 2007.

(Edition anglaise d’Eveils)

‘Beautifully moving photographs of Asia’s people and places’ – Outdoor Photography

This yearbook blends magical photography with the spiritual wisdom of the
Far East with a new page for every day of the year

The photographs take us to captivating temples in Thailand and Cambodia, mist-enshrouded landscapes in Myanmar, bamboo forests in Vietnam, rice paddies in China and Zen gardens in Japan. The book teaches us, one day at a time, the wisdom of the East.

Each photograph is accompanied by the thoughts of a great master, including Confucius, Lao-tzu, Dogen Zenji, Chuang-tzu, Hong Zicheng and the Buddha. Their words have guided generation after generation for thousands of years, and they continue in this volume to enrich our views and lives with thoughts on nature, self-awareness, family and society.