Latin America

Hommage à l'Amérique latine couverture USA

Année : 2007

Langue : Anglais

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Latin America, Abrams, 2007

A hymn to beauty, “Latin America” celebrates the profound and incredibly diverse continent in all its colour and gaiety. The third of seven volumes, this title incorporates the most beautiful photographs from “Revelations: 365 Thoughts from Latin America”, here presented in large format. As with other volumes, the book begins with a reference text and ends with a more intimate text by the photographer, Olivier Follmi. Virginie de Borchgrave, a specialist in Latin American culture, has written the extremely details captions that help illuminate each photograph. The first book to exhibit Latin American culture in all its glory, “Latin America” is a living fresco, a tribute to a continent that has inspired true imagination for generations.

(Edition américaine d’Hommage à l’Amérique latine)