Dzong de Punakka, Bhoutan. Photographies d’Olivier Föllmi / © Editions Föllmi
Entrée du Dzong de Punakka au Bhoutan. Photographie d’Olivier Föllmi / © Editions Föllmi

Wisdoms valorises the philosophical and spiritual legacy of humanity

For the past six thousand years, quarrelling peoples have liked to make war,

while God wastes time making stars and flowers.

Victor Hugo (1802 – 1885)

The Wisdoms of Humanity collection

2003-2009, the story of a collection created by Danielle & Olivier Föllmi. 7 books to explore and meditate, opening out onto other worlds and other horizons. A collection where texts and images harmoniously throw light on and respond to each other. An initiatory path carefully marked out by Danielle Föllmi with the help of thoughts of all times, both expressive and evocative, with magnificent photos by Olivier Föllmi, revealing splendid landscapes and radiant portraits, one for every day of the year.

The year is divided into fifty two themes, offering advice given to accompany each and everyone throughout their life, regardless of their beliefs and religious traditions.

In 2003 Danielle & Olivier Föllmi published Offrandes, a book originally written for their children. Swept along by the surge of interest and enthusiasm for Buddhism in the Western world, the success of this book was such that it could let people think that for the authors wisdom was only confined to the roof of the world. The idea of a collection and the other volumes stemmed from this observation, as well as from Danielle Föllmi’s desire to share her other culture which was Latin-American. So it was that, in a spiral motion, after Tibet, the following books would focus on India, Africa and Latin America, before returning to Asia with the Far East, followed up by the Middle East and, finally, the Western World. “Espoirs” (Hopes) thus completed seven years of the “Wisdoms” world tour, achieved through texts and photos.

  • More than 1 500 000 copies of the “Wisdoms of Humanity” collection, translated into 7 languages, would be sold.
  • Every day, a quotation to be meditated on, a photo to discover; every year, for 7 years, a new book.

Our era, which is one of major upheavals and profound transformations, has led to a loss of familiar landmarks. However, it also provides an extraordinary opportunity to go back to what really matters and to reflect on the innermost values that guide us.

The Homage collection

Parallèlement, chaque année de 2004 à 2009 paraissait un livre d’art prestigieux regroupant les meilleures photographies d’Olivier Föllmi. Chaque livre disponible en français et en anglais, certains titres en allemand, espagnol et italien.


“Wisdoms of Humanity” invites us to transcend our ideas and thought systems and to follow other paths for a better understanding both of ourselves and of the world.

Open spaces

A spiral adventure: alive, ever-changing, innovative, creative. A way of life that is continued and opens up to others through books and exhibitions, and that can be shared and exchanged thanks to networks and the web.

An ambitious humanist project, devised by Danielle & Olivier Föllmi, combining texts and photos in order to share the philosophical and spiritual legacy of humanity.

A collection of 7 best sellers continued and supported by event-related exhibitions to make the books available in the very heart of cities.