Hommage à l'Asie couverture USA

Année : 2008

Langue : Anglais

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Asia, Abrams, 2008

Inspired by the beauty of distant countries, “Asia” celebrates the depth and grandeur of the far east. The fourth volume in Abrams’ successful album size collection of Olivier Follmi’s photographs, including India, Africa and Latin America, this book presents the most exceptional images the artist took during his travels in Burma, Japan, China, Vietnam and many points between. The large format allows the photographs, their colours and the places and people they capture to come alive in the reader’s hands.The photographs are accompanied by captions that give detailed information about each image, which have been written by acclaimed journalist Virginie de Borchgrave. The book also includes an introduction by José Frèches and an essay by Follmi, who describes his experience travelling in these regions. “Asia” is a celebration and invocation of the continent that not all are fortunate enough to visit, but which has inspired many to dream.

(Edition américaine d’Hommage à l’Asie)