Dzong de Punakka, Bhoutan. Photographies d’Olivier Föllmi / © Editions Föllmi
Entrée du Dzong de Punakka au Bhoutan. Photographie d’Olivier Föllmi / © Editions Föllmi

Wisdoms valorises the philosophical and spiritual legacy of humanity

For the past six thousand years, quarrelling peoples have liked to make war,

while God wastes time making stars and flowers.

Victor Hugo (1802 – 1885)

The “Wisdoms of Humanity” collection 2003-2009

This collection, created by Danielle with photos by Olivier Föllmi, offers an initiatory journey where texts and photos shed their light, their responses mirroring each other, to carry their readers day by day towards new horizons.    

Offrandes, the first volume, was created by Danielle Föllmi for their children. She then had the idea to share her other culture, that of Latin America. This was the starting point of the collection and of the other books, on India, Africa, Latin America, the Far East, the Middle East, and finally, the West, all combining to form the real round-the-world journey that is “Wisdoms”.

  • More than 1 800 000 copies of the “Wisdoms of Humanity” collection, translated into 7 languages, would be sold.
  • Every day, a quotation to be meditated on, a photo to discover; every year, for 7 years, a new book.

Our era, which is one of major upheavals and profound transformations, has led to a loss of familiar landmarks. However, it also provides an extraordinary opportunity to go back to what really matters and to reflect on the innermost values that guide us.