En route pour l'cole, Leh
En route pour l’école, Leh (Inde, Ladakh, Leh, années 1980)


With HOPE espoir, the sponsorship branch of the HOPE organisation, you can sponsor a child from the Himalayas

HOPE espoir sponsors children from the remote valleys of Zanskar and Ladakh in the Lamdon Model School of Leh (India). In these regions on the far side of the world, schools are rare and are scattered over a territory of 60,000 km. For these children living with their parents far from everything, access to education remains only too often an impossible dream.

Educating girls too

HOPE espoir is committed to offering girls the same opportunities as boys.

Sponsorship cost

€560 per year for a full-board pupil,

€320 per year for a half-board pupil,

(including the €10 membership fee).

Sponsoring a child is a commitment over a number of years: the child leaves his/her family to find a job and a better life, but finds him/herself alone. To sponsor a child is also to assume the responsibility of accompanying this child and of following and protecting him or her throughout their education.